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The Owners of Cloverhill Yarn Shop


Two people, four feet and what seems like a million steps to starting a business!

Thank goodness there are two of us to share the load and walk together on this journey. We are Wae and Amanda and together we own Cloverhill Yarn Shop.

Wae and Amanda met, possibly by chance, because of our common interest in fiber arts and a drum carder. We quickly became friends and teamed up to dye fibers and yarns together. Amanda enjoys experimenting with a variety of dyeing techniques and Wae utilizes her background in art and her love of color while creating new and vibrant colorways. We each had our own etsy shops but we decided to join our fiber businesses to create one label where our customers can find a variety of spinning, knitting, crochet and felting products and Tempting Ewe Yarns Inc was born. Soon after that we decided to take the biggest steps of our lives and become the new owners of Cloverhill Yarn Shop. We invite you to join us on this journey where the “Yarn in Great in 21228!”