Beginning RH Weaving: Complete – $330.00

This class is the equivalent of taking both indirect and direct warping classes

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Stephanie Hill

Equipment: Provided by Shop

Day 1: Sun Mar. 26, 9am-12pm

Day 2: Sun Apr. 2, 9am-4pm

Day 3: Sun Apr. 9, 9am-4pm

Day 1: Sun Apr. 23, 9am-4pm

Day 2: Sun Apr. 30, 9am-12pm

Day 3: Sun May. 14, 9am-12pm

Rigid heddle looms are simple low cost looms that are suitable for a multitude of woven textiles including scarves, shawls, placements, dish towels, and fabric for clothing or other sewing projects. In this class, weprovide the looms and equipment you need for class so you can decide if you enjoy weaving before you invest in a loom. This class will introduce the student to the both indirect and direct warping methods and introduce students to a wide range of possibilities from simple plain weave, color and weave, easy plain weave variants, and some basic finishing and seaming techniques. This class is designed for novice weavers. No prior experience or equipment is required. This a combination of both of our Beginning RH Weaving classes.

Materials (Yarn):

• Project 1 – Vintage Striations: Yarn for project is included in class cost. Students must select colors prior to the first class meeting. Choose 1 variegated and 1 solid when registering for class.

• Project 2 – Hound’s Tooth: Yarn is not included in class cost. Students will select and purchase yarn with guidance from the instructor. Stash yarn may be used with review by instructor.

• Project 3 – Explorer Bag: Yarn for project is included in class cost and will be selected during class.



Days 1 and 2 may be consecutive days for certain schedules. Refer to published class dates. *Bring a Lunch for the long days as indicated with asterisks.

• Day 1: 9am-12:pm – Measure Warp for Project 1.

• Day 2: 9am-2:00pm– Dress LOOM #1 for Project 1, Begin weaving.
SECURITY DEPOSIT DUE. Finish weaving at home.

• Day 3: 9am-4:00pm– Remove Project 1 from the loom, Measure Warp & Dress LOOM #1 for Project 2, Begin Weaving.
Students may use personal looms for this project with review and approval by instructor.
Finish weaving at home.

• Day 4: 9am-3:00 – Remove Project 2 from the loom. RETURN LOOM #1. Direct warp LOOM #2 for Project 3. Begin weaving.
Continue weaving at home.

• Day 5: 9am-12:00pm– Learn a few more techniques for Project 3.
Finish weaving at home.

• Day 6: 9am-12:00 –Remove the project from the loom. Review bag construction.
Learn hand hemming and seaming techniques.


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