Weaving: Beginning Rigid Heddle – Direct Warp

May 17, 2017



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Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving: Direct Warp


Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Stephanie Hill

Equipment: Provided by Shop



Rigid heddle looms are simple low cost looms that are suitable for a multitude of woven textiles including scarves, shawls, placements, dish towels, and fabric for clothing or other sewing projects. In this class, we provide the looms and equipment you need for class so you can decide if you enjoy weaving before you invest in a loom. This class will introduce the student to the direct warping method and explore variations on plain weave. As a final step students will turn their completed sampler into a bag. This class is designed for novice weavers. No prior experience or equipment is required. This Direct Warping class may be taken before, after, or coincident with our Beginning RH Weaving – Indirect Warping class. We recommend taking both Beginning RH Weaving classes to reinforce skills, learn both warping techniques, and try out two different looms.

In this class you will complete 1 project, to help you learn:

• Basic weaving terminology

• How to direct warp a rigid heddle loom

• Variations on plain weave including basket, clasped weft, inlay, and others

• How to keep track of how much warp you have used

• How to hand hem and seam woven fabric

• How to estimate yarn quantities for weaving projects

• Differences in rigid heddle looms made by various manufacturers

Equipment Used: Student use of Schacht 10” Cricket looms and accessories is included in the class. A refundable security deposit of $60 is required on the second day of class and will be returned on the last day when all equipment has been returned in good condition. Students who have their own rigid heddle looms should make arrangements to have said looms and related accessories reviewed by the instructor to verify they are complete, in good working order, and appropriate for the Direct Warping method used in class. Please let us know when you sign up if you have your own loom you would like to use in class. Please tell us the type of loom you have and the size (i.e. Schacht Flip, 15”, Ashford Knitter’s Loom, 28”, etc.).

Materials (Yarn):

• Project 1 – Explorer Bag: Yarn for project is included in class cost and will be selected during class.

Agenda: Days 1 and 2 may be combined and/or may be consecutive days for certain schedules. Refer to published class dates. Bring a Lunch if Days 1 and 2 are combined.

• Day 1: 9am-12:00pm – Direct warp the loom

• Day 2: 9am-12:00pm  – Begin weaving. SECURITY DEPOSIT DUE. Finish weaving at home.

• Day 3: 9am-12:00pm – Learn a few more techniques.Finish weaving at home.

• Day 4: 9am-12:00pm  – Learn to hand Hem and Seam. RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT. REFUND SECURITY DEPOSIT

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