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Classes Summer/Fall 2020

Due to the limitations placed on us as a result of COVID-19, We do not currently offer beginning knitting or beginning crochet classes. We may be able to offer beginning spinning classes or other assistance where we are able to properly implement social distancing.

We are planning classes for late fall/early winter and will update this page as soon as any changes are made to this policy.

We DO still offer help at the shop. If you have a question about your pattern or have made a mistake that needs to be fixed, we are still offering help if we can resolve the issue in under 15 minutes. Let us take a look. If your project needs more in-depth fixing, we may ask if you will leave it with us to resolve. Fixing that goes beyond 15 minutes will be treated as a private lesson/fix-it time which is priced at $30/hr. Time will be charged starting at the 15-minute point in 15-minute increments.