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Payment and Cancellation Policy
  • You are not required to purchase your materials from the shop in order to take a class, we invite you to use it your own materials if you wish, we have no hidden fees here at Cloverhill.

  • We do offer a 10% discount on any yarn purchased from the shop for a class and we’re happy to help you find the right yarn for your project.

  • For a class costing $50.00 or less, payment in full is required at time of registration.
  • For a classes that are $50.00 or more, 50% is required at the time of registration and the balance is due one week before class begins.
  • If a student cancels his/her registration with less than one week before class, one‐half the cost of the class will be forfeited as a non‐refundable deposit. Anything paid above that amount will be refunded in full.
  • If a student cancels on the night of the class or doesn’t show up for their class, there will be no refund.
  • If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, students will be notified one week before the class is due to begin and any payments will be refunded.
  • We understand there are times a student may not be able to attend all sessions of a class. If a student wishes to schedule a one‐on‐one lesson with the instructor outside of regular scheduled sessions, a fee of $15.00/hr is required.
*Student discount applies to yarn purchases only

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Spinning 101 – The Drop Spindle2013-09-11 17.14.35

$60.00 – 2 hour class, 1 meeting – Class includes spindle and fiber
By Appointment

Let us show you how to spin! If you’re nervous about learning to spin or you want a more formal session with a teacher, this class is for you! We will go over the basics and get you spinning your first single! This class will teach you the basics of Drafting and using the Park and Draft method of spinning on a drop spindle. This will prepare you for spinning on a wheel. This is a prerequisite to Spinning 102. Cost of the class includes an Ashford Student Spindle and 2 oz of fiber.

Call 410-788-7262 or email temptingewe@cloverhillyarn.com to schedule a private appointment.

Spinning 102 – The Wheelhobbledehoy

$ 50.00 – 2 hour class, 1 meeting
By Appointment

Now that you’ve mastered spinning on a drop spindle and you’re a drafting master, we’ll show you how to

spin on a wheel. You’ll get 2 hours of instruction learning to treadle and draft together to spin yarn. It’s a little like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, but having taken 101 it’ll be a piece of cake!

Call 410-788-7262 or email temptingewe@cloverhillyarn.com to schedule a private appointment.

Making Art Batts On A Drum CarderIMG_3358

$50 – 2 hours studio time (first 1/2 hour instruction)  

Using the drum carder to make art batts. Two techniques will be demonstrated along with proper drum carder use and maintenance.This class is a prerequisite to using the drum carder by appointment. Some add in’s are available in the store, please bring anything you have at home that you’d like to experiment with! Please note, you can bring your own fibers, but there will be a 10% discount on fiber* if you get it from us.*Consignment rovings are not available for 10% discount. Ask us to show you our wide selection of prepared roving.

Call 410-788-7262 or email temptingewe@cloverhillyarn.com to schedule a private appointment with Wae.