We offer classes for novice to advanced knitters and crocheters.  Private lessons are also available.  If a class schedule or topic does not suit your needs please contact the shop to see if a private lesson can be coordinated.

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See below classes for Teaching Ewe Information.

Click on the class name for a full description of class as well as materials needed or homework required before class.

Beginning Knitting or Crochet

$30.00 per hour by appointmentcary grant knitting
Learning something new can be frustrating. Let us teach you privately at your convenience. Day sessions and Evening sessions available most days.

Email temptingewe@cloverhillyarn.com to set up a time that works best for you.

Beginning Brioche:$100Sample of Brioche knitting

Instructor:  Stephanie Hill

Wednesday January 3rd 2:00pm-4:00pm

Wednesday January 10th 2:00pm-4:00pm

Wednesday January 17th 2:00pm-4:00pm

Wednesday January 31st 2:00pm-4:00pm

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Teaching Ewe Classes

The response to our “Teaching Ewe” series has been amazing! This set of student-led classes allows you to “choose your own” knitting adventure.

Have you seen a class offered in the past and missed it?

Join a Teaching Ewe session that fits your schedule.

Is there a class you’ve been waiting for us to list and you want to start right away?

Teaching Ewe lets you choose what you learn in each session. Nervous about cables? Need help seaming? Looking to start a sweater and just need a little guidance? Teaching Ewe will help you get started.

Are you intimidated by the pace of large project classes?

Teaching Ewe lets you work at your own pace. If you are working on a larger project, you can skip a few sessions and meet up with us again when you are ready to move on to the next step in your project.

Choose your instructor and the date/time that works for you. Day and evening classes are offered several times per month and vary by instructor. Please call ahead to reserve your seat in class. We try to keep our classes small in order to accommodate the style of teaching. There may be a rare occasion that we may not hold a class due to lack of attendance  and calling ahead allows us to verify and schedule a teacher in advance.

Pricing is as follows for Knitting and Crochet Lessons:
1 session = $30.00 
3 sessions = $75.00
6 sessions = $125.00

Please note that Teaching Ewe Sessions are not the same as private lessons and meet only at pre-designated times/dates when the instructors have blocked out time in on a recurring schedule.  If you are the only student in attendance on a given day, your lesson will be 1-hour long.  If two or more people are attending a session the lesson will be 2-hours long.  Please arrive promptly at the beginning of the scheduled session time.


Teaching Ewe with Stephanie
Wednesday Mornings 10am – 12pm on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesdays of each Month.

Stephanie can help with all kinds of knitting skills, techniques, and conundrums.  Do you have a sweater you’d like to work on that needs sizing? Stephanie is an amazing knitter and talented ninjaneer she can help you with almost anything.  If there’s something you’d like help with and you’d like to have a class setting, join Stephanie with a few other classmates and work together on a project or skill of your choice.

Novice to advanced knitters are welcome.

Beginner to advanced crocheters are welcome.

Rigid heddle weavers seeking guidance for project planning are also welcome.

Please tell us what you will be working on when you sign up so that we can make sure that Stephanie is the right instructor for you.

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Making a Magic Ball with the Russian Join Technique

April 1st, 2017 from 2 pm-4 pm $40.00

20170211_071802Make your own color changing yarn using up stash busting, scraps and mini skeins! Tempting Ewe will be introducing new mini skeins in our popular Ewe So Happy Base and in our Ewe So Sparkly Sock Base. Come just to learn the versatile Russian Join for a seamless way to join yarns together with no knots.

IMG_20170104_125104Wae will also be using this class to discuss some color theory and planning and will help you build a gradient out of the yarns you bring or purchase.Please bring yarn and have a small darning needle appropriate for the size of yarn
you’ll be working with. I suggest that if you have a particular project in mind for your color changing yarn, bring enough yarn so you can complete the project… if a project needs 300 grams of yarn, bring in at least that much in stash or purchase what you’ll need. The more colors you have the more stunning the color changes can be.

We can also turn this into a stash busting swap, bring yarns you’re willing to trade and share the more variety the merrier!

Might we Suggest?

These are some of the popular patterns people are working on and we’d love to help you with any of these projects, just sign up for any teaching ewe class time or a private lesson. Not sure what kind of lesson is best for you? Email Wae at temptingewe@cloverhillyarn.com for personalized help.

Find your Fade


Starting at a single point and growing, shifting and fading into a piece that begs to be wrapped up in. This asymmetrical triangle shawl uses some clever increasing and decreasing, combined with relaxing garter stitch and simple lace so that you have a fun-to-knit canvas to play with mixing colors on! This shawl is all about making it your own. Let your creativity shine!!
Get creative – this is YOUR shawl! Use only 1 color, or 3, or 10. Need help with color selections? I highly recommend diving into your stash (or the shelves of your LYS) and untwisting the skeins and then laying them next to each other. Look for nuances that can be seen from one color to the next – if your first color has some gold (like mine), why not snag an awesome speckled skein that also has some gold and another color you love (ahem – pink), so that after the speckled skein you can start stitching up that favorite pink skein you have been hoarding! And so on and so forth! Still feeling nervous? Head on over to my Ravelry group and show some pictures of the yarn you are trying to decide between! Everyone there loves to help!!findyourfade3

Yarn: Fingering Weight Yarn – 1540yds/ 385g in multiple colors

We have lots of wonderful Indie dyed yarns in stock from Tempting Ewe to Hedgehog Fibers, stop by to get inspired! Wae is working on this shawl now, ask her to show you her progress!

This pattern is available for $7.00 USD buy it now


Marled Magic Mystery Shawl KAL by Stephen West

This pattern is available for $6.50 USD buy it now

Stash_1_medium2 Thumbnail_WK_MKAL_medium2This Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL is unlike any other mystery shawl. I designed this stash busting pattern to use all kinds of colors from your yarn collection. Each week starting March 3, you will receive a section of the mystery shawl pattern until the final design is revealed on March 24. Get a group of your knitting friends together and enjoy this brand new Westknits adventure!

Get pumped for the Marled Magic Mystery Shawl with this ultra spicy music video filmed in Reykjavik, Spiceland!


Join the Ravelry group here to get inspired and share photos of your yarn choices.

Clue 1 – Friday, March 3
Clue 2 – Friday, March 10
Clue 3 – Friday, March 17
Clue 4 – Friday, March 24

Amanda is working on this shawl now, stop in and ask her to see her progress!

Exploration Station by Stephen West15857731561_125dacbdf3_z

This pattern is available for $6.00 USD buy it now

This top down semi-circle shawl begins with my favorite Westknits shortcut rows and yarn overs followed by two-color brioche ribbing, slipped stitches, stripes, and finally a beautiful chevron border. Choose 4 colors of ya15833914186_331547dfc3_zrn and enjoy the playful knitting journey!

Finished Measurements: 22” / 56cm from CO to BO, 70”/ 178cm wingspan length. Measurements taken after blocking.

Yarn: Fingering weight

Amanda just finished her Exploration Station and it will be on display for a limited time at the shop, stop by to check it out! Nervous about the Brioche section of the shawl? A Teaching Ewe private lesson can help!

Lilli Pilli by Ambah O’Brien lilli pilli

Lilli Pilli was our last KAL, if you missed it and would like to work on this project with a teacher’s guidance please join our Lilli Pilli class. You’ll learn how to knit stripes with your yarn as well as knitting a biased lace pattern. This project takes 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn.




 Antler Mittens by Tincanknits 

These mittens are squishy and warm to keep out the cold! A bold antler cable travels from generous cuffs to fingertips. They are perfect for a winter’s night stroll or a rousing snowball fight.

Brioche with Stephanie

Brioche with Stephanie

 Mix Up! by Stephanie Hill

Mix-Up! is a Two-Color Brioche Cowl.

I designed this pattern and handout to be used when I teach beginning brioche.

Yarn recommendations:
This project can be made from any two yarns. It is a great stash buster project for those odd skeins of yarns you have hanging around. You’ll be surprised when you combine otherwise unpairable yarns together in brioche. I haven’t seen a bad result yet. And every time someone pairs some yarns I think might be odd together, I am happily surprised and jealous that I didn’t have faith.

For beginners – I recommend picking one yarn that is either chunky or bulky weight, and selecting the second yarn as the same or smaller weight. Yarns should be non-fuzzy, have reasonably consistent thickness, and are preferable not dark in color. Pick yarns and colors you like, yarns and colors that are easy to see, and yarns or colors that are easily distinguished from one another.

Needle recommendations:
Chose a needle size based on the heaviest weight yarn you are using. Use the same size you would knit with that yarn, or you can use up to 3 or 4 needle sizes smaller to exaggerate the rib-like structure or brioche.

For Beginners – I recommend that you pick the needle size recommended on the ball band of your heaviest weigh yarn (or the size needle you would use to knit that yarn based on your personal gauge tendencies). Once you have the an understanding of the stitch structure and how it get s made you can adjust needle size to get the gauge and fabric you want.

Brioche all the yarns!!!

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