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Beginner Weaving Classes

Beginning Level Classes  –  No Experience Necessary.  Looms Provided.

Intermediate Level Classes  –  Next step after beginner classes.  Must own a loom to use in classes.

Advanced Level Classes  –  Confidence in weaving and loom set-up on your own is required.  Must own a loom to use in classes.

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Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving: Quickie Cricket Scarf $145.00

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Stephanie Hill

Day 1: Mon. January 15, 10am-12pm

Day 2: Tue. January 16, 10am-12pm

Day 3: Fri. January 19, 10am-12pm

Designed to give students a quick taste of rigid heddle weaving. Students will learn direct warping, the fastest way to go from an empty loom, to a loom that is ready to weave. At the end of class students will have a woven scarf and the knowledge to weave on a rigid heddle loom straight out of the box. Please click here to read the full class description.

In this class you will complete 1 project, to help you learn:

  • Basic weaving terminology
  • How to direct warp a rigid heddle loom
  • How to secure the ends of your weaving
  • How to estimate yarn quantities for weaving projects
  • Differences in rigid heddle looms made by various manufacturers

 Beginning RH Weaving Indirect Warp  $220.00

First completed projects - Basic Rigid Heddle Weaving

First completed projects – Basic Rigid Heddle Weaving

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Stephanie Hill

Day 1: Sat. January 20th, 9am-12:00pm

Day 2: Sun. January 21st, 9am-4:00pm

Day 3: Sat. January 27th, 9am-4:00pm

Day 4: Sat. February 3rd, 9am-12:00pm

Rigid heddle looms are simple low cost looms that are suitable for a multitude of woven textiles including scarves, shawls, placements, dish towels, and fabric for clothing or other sewing projects. In this class, we provide the looms and equipment you need for class so you can decide if you enjoy weaving before you invest in a loom. The skills and techniques learned in this class are transferable to other types of looms.

In this class you will complete 2 projects listed below. Click to see a more detailed description of what will be taught in class.

Project 1 – Vintage Striations: Yarn for project is included in class cost. Students must select colors prior to the first class meeting.
Project 2 – Hound’s Tooth: Yarn is not included in class cost.

A refundable security deposit of $60 is required on the second day of class and will be returned on the last day when all equipment has been returned in good condition.

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving: Direct Warp: $165.00IMG_6856

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Stephanie Hill

Day 1: Sat. March 17th, 10am-5:00pm

Day 2: Sat. March 24th, 10am-1:00pm

Day 3: Sat. April 15th, 10am-1:00pm

This class will introduce the student to the direct warping method and explore variations on plain weave. As a final step students will turn their completed sampler into a bag. This class is designed for novice weavers. No prior experience or equipment is required. This Direct Warping class may be taken before, after, or coincident with our Beginning RH Weaving – Indirect Warping class. We recommend taking both Beginning RH Weaving classes to reinforce skills, learn both warping techniques, and try out two different looms. Click to see a more detailed description of our Beginning Weaving Direct Warp Class

A refundable security deposit of $60 is required on the second day of class and will be returned on the last day when all equipment has been returned in good condition.

Rigid Heddle Weaving:  Color and Weave Exploration – $165.00LogCabin1

Instructor:  Stephanie
Equipment:  Students must have their own loom
Pre-requisites:  Yes, See below.

Day 1: Sun. Aug. 13, 9am-12pm

Day 2: Sun. Aug. 20, 9am-4pm

Day 3: Sun. Aug. 27, 9am-12pm

Description:  Color and weave patterns are created through the use of colors in the warp and weft while keeping the structure of the woven fabric constant.  For this class, students will explore color as it relates to a plain weave fabric structure.  Class discussion will touch on other simple structures but will concentrate on plain weave.  Students will design and complete a color and weave project of their choosing. Pre-designed class project options will be available but students will be encouraged to design their own project with instructor guidance.  Finished projects can be scarves, table runners, shawls, towels, placemats, napkins, etc..

Students may use the Direct Warping method, or Indirect Warping methods.  Additional warping techniquesC&W_Drawdowns_1 and variations will be reviewed and discussed in class that may be helpful in color and weave projects.

Pre-requisites:  This class assumes that you have the ability to warp and dress your own loom without assistance and are reasonably comfortable doing so.  Completion of 2 or more weaving projects on your own is advised for beginners before taking this class.  Prior completion of any one of our Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving classes (Direct, Indirect, or Complete) will also satisfy this requirement.

Full Description of Class Here.

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Introduction to Pooled Warp – $165.00 20160604_111127

Pre-requisites: YES, see below
Instructor: Stephanie
Equipment: Students must have their own loom.
Materials: Not included

Day 1: Sun. July 16, 9am-12pm

Day 2: Sun. July 30, 9am-4pm

Day 3: Sun. Aug. 6, 9am-12pm

This class will introduce new weavers to the logistics of planning and preparing a pooled warp project on a rigid heddle loom. Many variegated be they commercial or hand dyed, have repeating color sequences that can be taken advantage of by a weaver. Learn which kind of yarns and dye processes lead to repeating color sequences, and which may not give the results you want. Learn how to determine if a given yarn will work the way you want and access its color sequences for project planning. Students will complete class by planning and actually measuring the warp for a pooled warp project of their choice. Students may use the Direct Warping method or Indirect Warping.
Prerequisites: Prior completion of Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving or the ability to warp a loom independently. Completion of 2 or more weaving projects on your own is advised for beginners taking this class.
Equipment: This class is intended for students with their own rigid heddle loom. Please read the full class description for information regarding types of looms and Materials (yarn) needed for this class.

 Direct Warping your Rigid Heddle Loom

$75.00 – 2.5 hour class, 1 meeting
by private appointment with Stephanie

Direct warping is a quick and easy way of dressing your loom that is well suited the simple warps typical of rigid heddle projects. If it is your first time direct warping, or it’s been a while and you need a helping hand, this class will get you set up and ready to weave on your rigid heddle loom. If you already know how to dress your loom using a warping board, this is another method you can add to your arsenal.

This class will cover:
estimating the size of your project (a scarf or similar)
calculating yardage requirements for warp and weft (using balanced plain weave)
direct warping your loom
This class is for weavers who already own a rigid heddle loom and have some basic weaving experience or have completed our beginning weaving class. This class is not intended for first time weavers. Please ask about our rigid heddle weaving classes or private lessons if you are a first time weaver.