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Rigid Heddle Weaving: Pooled Warp

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Introduction to Pooled Warp $165.0020160604_111127

Pre-requisites: YES, see below
Instructor: Stephanie
Equipment: See below.

This class will introduce new weavers to the logistics of planning and preparing a pooled warp project on a rigid heddle loom. Many variegated be they commercial or hand dyed, have repeating color sequences that can be taken advantage of by a weaver. Learn which kind of yarns and dye processes lead to repeating color sequences, and which may not give the results you want. Learn how to determine if a given yarn will work the way you want and access its color sequences for project planning. Students will complete class by planning and actually measuring the warp for a pooled warp project of their choice. Students may use the Direct Warping method or Indirect Warping.
Prerequisites: Prior completion of Beginning RH Weaving A or B and/or the ability to warp a loom on your own. Completion of 2 or more weaving projects on your own is advised for beginners before taking this class.
Equipment: This class is intended for students with their own rigid heddle loom. Students will need the following equipment:

• A rigid heddle loom with at least 8” weaving width.

• Heddle EPI is flexible and will depend on the yarn choices made by the student during the project
planning portion of class. Students will be guided to select yarn that suits the available dent spacing
of the student’s heddle(s).

• Shuttles appropriate for the weaving width of the student’s loom, or selected project width.

• Any clamps, pegs, threading tools, or other accessories required to dress the student’s loom.

• A warping board will be provided for use in class (measures up to 4.5 yard warp). If the student’s
loom is a smooth beam loom with fixed apron bars (e.g. Ashford Rigid Heddle or Ashford Knitter’s
Loom) this should include a supplemental dowel or rod for attaching the warp to the warp beam if
student will be using the indirect method warping method.

Materials: Not included

•  Stash yarn may be used (and is encouraged), or students may choose to purchase suitable yarn at the shop. The first class meeting will teach students what kinds of yarns are appropriate. Students who wish to use stash yarn are encouraged to bring several options to the first class for review and to add to the class
discussion. The more the merrier.

(*Bring a Lunch for the long days as indicated with an asterisk below.)