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Halloween has a different significance to each of us. There are quite a few of my friends who treat today as though it is the one and only holiday of the year. They bake and sew and gather decorations and candy. They plan ahead and maybe craft a “from scratch” costume for their families. Some might even take the day off or *ahem* GET MARRIED on a day like today. (Happy Anniversary Wae and Joe!)

Whether you celebrate Halloween with fun and festivities, or a quiet night in, we can’t deny it’s as though Halloween is the “switch” that takes us officially into fall. Maryland weather is predictably changeable but nothing reminds me that I need a pair of mittens like an evening spent Trick or Treating with the kiddos. If I’m not complaining of cold hands, chances are, they will be.

As we are embraced by the chill of Autumn, we start cuddling up more with knitting projects for the season of giving. I’m working on the Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning. The original knit pattern is written using Fingering weight yarn and has a wingspan of 84″. Because I knew I wanted to make one for my 7 year old daughter I decided to use Malabrigo Lace in order to shorten the wingspan. 84″ is just too much for my little one. My hands are not built for knitting with lace weight yarn and the process is dragging on. I guarantee I would have been finished by now had I stayed with the original pattern but I know it would have been too large.

Not too long after I got too far to turn back, Carissa put out a crochet version of the Wonder Woman Wrap in two sizes. One for adults and one for the wee ones. Although I breathed a sigh of gladness (for everyone else mostly,) I know I still have to press on with my knitting and finish before gifts are exchanged.

Getting to know the local bears before they go to their forever homes.


Introductions must be made. This is a serious endeavor

Speaking of knitting gifts: Have you knitted a bear for Knitting without Borders? We are at the end of our charity Knit a Long/Crochet a long that went to local kids but will still accept donations and will pass them along to our bear ambassador. These bears travel the world! Read more about Knitting without Borders here and look for OUR local ambassador Leslie Jacoby. Right now some of our bears are featured on their main page at the top!



Have you stopped in to check out the most recent publications and newest yarns?

We’re happy to announce that we will be welcoming

Liz from Hobbledehoy Yarn and Fiber to our upcoming spinning

night on Friday the 29th from 6 to 9 pm! Come stock up on her beautiful fibers and get ready for Spinzilla.

Remember to join Team Cloverhill if you haven’t already registered for Spinzilla!

Liz’s Trunk Show will be up through the weekend and she will be leaving us with a refreshed stock of fibers for the shop so don’t fret if you can’t make it to spinning, but she will be here Friday in person if you’d like to meet her or say hello!

We will also be hosting an extra spinning event for Friday October 6th from 6-9 pm for our spinzilla team members, all spinners are welcome so mark your calendars and join us to spin!

Wonderland Yarns and Frabjous Fibers

Just in time for the weekend

Stop in and check out the new mini skein sets and gradient sets.

Our first shipment of Wonderland yarns is all Mad Hatter Sport weight.

Frabjous Fibers Three Feet of Sheep BFL and BFL/Silk blend.


End of the Row Yarns Trunk Show

June 16th – June 18th

Join us as we welcome Brenda and her beautiful hand-dyed variegated and tonal sock yarns. Brenda is a local to Maryland whose yarn has been popular at local fiber festivals as well as on Etsy.

We can’t wait to see what surprises she’ll have in store.


Cloverhill Market Day

June 18th 1pm-4pm

What’s the best way to find new yarn at the lowest prices?

What’s the best way to refresh your stash by earning cash toward New and exciting yarn, classes, a loom, or possibly a spinning wheel?

Attend a Cloverhill Market Day! 

Whether you attend as a buyer, seller, or enabler, you’re bound to see something that interests you. This year’s event will have items for knitters and crocheters, as well as spinners and weavers! Check out our blog post with all the juicy details and call today to reserve your space at Market Day!


Second Annual Fashion Show

The weekend of September 5th and 6th, we are celebrating our second year anniversary and WAE’s BIRTHDAY. Help us commemorate this special day by joining our Fashion Show Saturday September 5th! While you’re here, stop by the shop and preview the items that will be discounted during our yearly Labor Day sale scheduled for Sunday, September 6th.
The shop will be CLOSED LABOR DAY Monday, September 7th.

Who’s Invited? EVERYONE!! 

Attend our fashion show as an audience member and vote for your favorite fashion show item.

What: Handknits, woven, crocheted items etc.

If you’ve completed a fiber related project with us this past year, it is eligible to be entered.*

When: Saturday, September 5th 1pm to 4pm 

Why: Because we want to show off your finished Items and celebrate your accomplishments!

PRIZES for category winners as well as door prizes for a few lucky audience members! We are proud to announce this year’s fashion show is sponsored by Rowan Yarns.Newsletter 2015 08 705x947

There’s no better way to celebrate the projects you’ve made during the year. We’d love to see you model your hand knits but if you’re feeling shy (or made an items as a gift) we’ll try our best to find a model in your place. You’re also welcome to invite the person you made the item for to model it too!

There will be light fare and drinks at the shop and as always, feel free in the spirit of our community to contribute something for the table.

*Please label your fashion show items with your Name, Contact Info, Pattern Name and Yarn Name. Also please let us know if you will be modeling your own garments or if you will need a model to stand in for you.

Here’s the link to our newest Free Pattern on Ravelry, the Zig Zag Cowl. Remember to create a pattern and take a lot of photos so we can all see which yarn you chose. This pattern was inspired by the original Diagonal Ribbed Cowl posted last year on Ravelry. As I knitted the diagonal rib cowl I wondered what would happen if I changed things up a little. Looks like we’ve all  made it out of this designing wonderland without even a scratch. Thanks to Lauren for modeling the cowl made using Tempting Ewe Yarns Ewe So Wooly Worsted. This pattern was test-knit by Rhiannon.


I walked outside in my robe and slippers just to check. They really aren’t here yet.

This has been some sort of Fall and Winter. We’ve left you, our wonderful readers, alone but hopefully not lonely out there. Sometimes the day to day errands, running the shop, dyeing yarn, and festivals leaves us with little will-power to sit down at the end of the day and write a blog. It’s like that sometimes though. Winter is a time of hibernation and focusing on the very important parts of our lives. For many of us, that leaves the computer and the internet as a second or third-best companion. So here I am in the cold of winter, writing the first blog in a few months. Hoping these words will chip away at the block that’s kept Wae and I from keeping up with our internet family.

Please take a minute to check out a few new photos on the Gallery page. I’ve spent the morning uploading and sorting a few new photos. You might recognize someone you know. You might even see YOURSELF! Surprise! There is so much more to come regarding the gallery page. I’ve started categorizing class photos and finished items. If you’ve taken a class with us and would like your finished piece of art posted in the gallery please send your picture to If you’ve finished a project with some yarn from the shop, either stop in and let us photograph it for you or send us a photo. Remember to include the pattern name! We’d like to include a link at the bottom of your photo to the original pattern page.

Wae and are gearing up for the spring festival season already! If you haven’t had a chance to see the new Ewe So Chubby yarn introduced in the fall, stop in and check out what’s left of the Super Bulky Superwash Super Squishy Merino yarn. We had a customer comment that the yarn is AMAZING! Her one complaint was that at 82 yards per skein, the fun is over too fast! We’ve checked into getting more of the Ewe So Chubby base this winter and it is currently out of stock from our supplier. Don’t worry, we’ll have more dyed as soon as it is available to us. In the meantime, we are planning a new yarn base that we plan to have in stock by mid-February. We are also ordering another shipment of Ewe So Wooly Worsted to round out the colors we already have on the shelves.

We have so much more to say! We OWE YOU blogs. We OWE YOU information. Coming soon? Weaving Classes, Super YARN Bowl Sale, (more) Knitting for Charities, and a new Knit a Long.

Are you excited yet? We are! Stay tuned for updates as we get ready for Spring.


Here’s a couple of blogs to keep you glued to the computer while we write another one of these..


A fun and funky hat by ColorWae

This quick and easy hat is great for the fun loving and carefree souls in your life. There are no decreases in the crown which makes this pattern fast and easy. The simple leaf pattern combined with the square shape makes this hat irresistible, just like catnip and the kitties that inspired it.

Baby/Child: 16”/18”
Teen/Adult: 20”/22” head

Yarn: Malabrigo Mecha
Pure Superwash Merino Wool
130 yds per 100 grams in contrasting colors. 71g of yarn was used for 1 adult sized hat.
Needle: US 10.75 16” Circ
Gauge: 14 sts per 4”/ 3.5 stitches per 1”
Notions: stitch marker and a darning needle

Using the long tail cast on, loosely CO 64(74) stitches.

Join in the round and place a marker to indicate beginning of the round.

Knit in 2×2 rib for 11 rounds , cut yarn and leave a 6 inch tail.
Join contrasting color and Knit one round.

Begin working in pattern:

1. p5 ( yo, k, yo, sl 1 k-wise, k2tog, psso, k6) purl to end of the round.

2. For Round 2 and all other even rows work as follows: p5, k10, purl to end of the round.

3. p5 ( k, yo, k, yo k, sl1 k-wise, k2tog, psso , k4) purl to the end of the round.

5. p5 ( k2, yo, k, yo, k2, sl1 k-wise, k2tog, psso, k2) purl to the end of the round.

7. p5 ( k3, yo, k, yo, k3, sl1 k-wise, k2tog, psso) purl to the end of the round.

Repeat rounds 1-8 three more times.

After working the last repeat of the 8th round, turn hat inside out.

Using the three needle bind off technique, bind off loosely.

Block hat and weave in ends.


This is the Luscious Cowl

This cowl is simple and fun to knit but it feels amazing. Perfect for everyday wear it’s super comfortable and everyone is going to be asking you where you bought your amazing cowl. After you tell them you knit it they’re going to want you to knit one for them too! The longer size doubles nicely for extra warmth.

The Kid Seta was used as an accent in alternating rows and is totally optional.

This cowl utilizes the Cat Bordhi Moebius cast on which you can find here on youtube:

Pattern is shown in the large size. There are two sizes, large and small.

tey10Do you want more yarn but need to de-stash before you can feel good about adding more? Are you just looking to add more to your stash at a discount? Maybe you’re looking for something that your LYS doesn’t carry? Cloverhill Yarn Shop has the answer that fits everyone! (We hope so anyways!)

Cloverhill Market Day!

Where: 81 Mellor (Formerly Doris’s Closet)

When:See Newsletter or Call the shop for date and time

Who: ALL Customers! Vendors reserve a space ahead of time.

yarnmarketdollarWhy? We think you’ll have loads of fun! turn your stash into Cloverhill Cash!

As a vendor: Send us an email (, call or facebook message! We have limited space but we’ll take as many sellers as we can. First come-first served. Bring a card table or we’ll provide table space for you. Bring your yarn marked for sale. Or maybe it’s all the same price per skein and you just have one sign saying as much. We’re hoping we can get more customers by offering them decent prices on your stashed yarn, but ultimately you set the prices! Let us bring the customers to you! Because of the nature of this market, your yarn sales benefit you as well as the store. We want as many people to visit you as possible! The more of your own stash you sell, the more you have to spend at Cloverhill Yarn Shop!

As a customer: Visit our Market day and find great deals on stashed yarn! Find yarns you (and the seller) haven’t seen in awhile. It’s a Yarn Sale with all the things you never knew you wanted! Find a Treasure on the tables at Cloverhill Market Day! Please bring Cash!! Only Cloverhill Cash (AKA Scrip) will be used to purchase yarn. What is Cloverhill Cash? It’s our way of making shopping in the market easier both the buyer and seller. A customer exchanges cash (real money AKA US Dollars) for Cloverhill Cash (kind of like Monopoly money). They will then use that “money” to go shopping in the market. Didn’t spend all your Cloverhill Cash? We’ll change it right back into dollars. No questions asked. Market Day Vendor? You’ll take all that Cloverhill Cash and turn it in for a store Gift Certificate. You can choose to go shopping in the store on Market Day or you can wait until you see the perfect yarn for your project. Have you had your eye on a spinning wheel or loom? Save your Cloverhill Cash and order a wheel or loom! We are Schacht, Ashford, and Spin O Lution Dealers.

1540267_752134818144039_1651589036_oOn Saturday June 28th, 2014 we will be celebrating our first year anniversary as the new owners of Cloverhill Yarn Shop. We’ve decided to commemorate this special day by having a Fashion Show from 1-4pm!

Cascade Yarns will be the official sponsor of our first annual fashion show. What this means is that we will have prizes for catagory winners as well as some door prizes just for coming! There might even be a Cascade Trunk Show.

We think this will be a wonderful way to celebrate the projects you’ve made during our first year together. Don’t worry ifyou don’t want to model your own knitwear we’ll have someone do it for you! There will be lite fare and drinks provided, but please feel free in the spirit of our community to bring something for the table. We will be accepting entries for the show starting now, please drop off your items with the following information attached… Name, pattern, and yarn used. Please provide this information for each piece submitted for the show.


We’re excited and we hope you are too!


So come join us on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 from 1pm to 4pm

at Cloverhill Yarn Shop.

Please call or email if you have any questions