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1540267_752134818144039_1651589036_oOn Saturday June 28th, 2014 we will be celebrating our first year anniversary as the new owners of Cloverhill Yarn Shop. We’ve decided to commemorate this special day by having a Fashion Show from 1-4pm!

Cascade Yarns will be the official sponsor of our first annual fashion show. What this means is that we will have prizes for catagory winners as well as some door prizes just for coming! There might even be a Cascade Trunk Show.

We think this will be a wonderful way to celebrate the projects you’ve made during our first year together. Don’t worry ifyou don’t want to model your own knitwear we’ll have someone do it for you! There will be lite fare and drinks provided, but please feel free in the spirit of our community to bring something for the table. We will be accepting entries for the show starting now, please drop off your items with the following information attached… Name, pattern, and yarn used. Please provide this information for each piece submitted for the show.


We’re excited and we hope you are too!


So come join us on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 from 1pm to 4pm

at Cloverhill Yarn Shop.

Please call or email if you have any questions


It’s sort of a special weekend here. Ladies all over the U.S. are getting flowers and cards and special meals. Hopefully some ladies are also getting yarn. 

This week the shop has been in recovery mode from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Thank You ladies for helping count the inventory!

Thank You ladies for helping count the inventory!

We aren’t complaining. It was a great weekend! More on that later though. This is about Mother’s Day! We were planning this great Mother’s Day sale that would start this past Monday and continue through today. I bet you can see that didn’t happen. We got a little side-tracked by the festival last weekend but all is not lost. 

Today is the big day. This sale starts NOW! Of course a lot of Moms are spending time with family today so a one day sale isn’t really practical. A week-long sale takes off some pressure. Because who needs pressure when it comes to picking out pretty yarn? Not you, that’s who! This week between shuttling the kids to school and the dogs to doggy day care, there’s plenty of time to to stroll through (bring your knitting if you have time to kill!) and enjoy the view!  We picked yarns from several brand names because when it comes to a sale, it’s nice to have plenty to choose from. 

Here’s a quick list of yarns that are Buy One Get One 40% off. BOGO sales are super fun! 

Follow the links and you’ll see more details about the yarn as well as patterns (some free!) for the yarns listed.

Hayfield Baby Chunky

Juniper Moon Farm Yearling

Araucania Puelo

Cascade 220 Superwash Sport

Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky

Cascade Pacific

Grinasco Revel 

Mirasol Ushya

Berroco Flicker

Berroco Ultra Alpaca

Sale is on in-stock items only.

Of course a sale like this means we’ll need to put more stock in the store, right? Something new and exciting maybe? Something with a little cashmere? Something a little Noro(a brand new silk and wool blend)? New Classic Elite and Universal Yarns? Kits? Super soft Alpaca Yarns? We’ve got it all covered! This week during Sheep and Wool recovery time, we spent several hours at the table with our Cascade Yarns, Knitting Fever and Classic Elite Yarns rep. We’ve picked out yarns that will come trickling in as they become available. Some yarns are already available to ship soon and some will be brand new for fall and will be delivered in time for holiday knitting. Click on the links above and you’ll see a couple of the yarns coming soon to the shop.

Also coming soon… 

News about our One Year Anniversary Celebration and how it’s all about YOU!

News about how YOU can refresh your stash with Cloverhill Yarn Shop this Summer.

Hello out there Family,

  I’ve been thinking about you a lot again over the past couple of days. I do a lot of deep thinking first thing in the morning when Charlotte is quiet (still asleep) and yesterday one thought kept running through my mind. I am not alone in this. We are not alone in this. It’s not like I don’t already know this, but it has become very apparent lately. There’s a song Akela sand a week ago at church that is true whether you consider it in a religious or secular application. I’ll post it if I can so you can see how nice it is. It’s the kind of stuff that makes a Mother cry when she hears it and truly understands and internalizes the words.

  This community is amazing. You are so much like family to me and I want you to know I appreciate you. You make me cry and that’s ok. I am often so full of happiness and appreciation that it falls right out of my face. I really can’t help it.

  Something has changed a little since the last blog post. It’s wild. Yesterday morning after all of that positive thinking, we got an invitation to vend at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Just after we had let it all go and stopped knocking at the door, someone turned around and opened it for us! Can you imagine the wild thoughts that followed that conversation? Do you know I actually said, “can I have an hour to think about it,” and actually hung up to make some calls before calling back? Of course we want to come play! 

 Here’s a fun bit of coincidence: Wednesday night Wae and I both brought home a bit of yarn to dye. We didn’t order a ton since we figured we were restocking the shop, but an extra 50 skeins on top of what we had makes a surprise invitation even better. Know what else? I’ve been calling our local fiber artists that we already carry at the shop to ask them for a re-stock for the weekend. Because who knows who might come by, right? These guys don’t have booths at the festival either, but I wanted anyone who was stopping by that’s never been to the shop to see our locals in full glory.  Now we can bring our fiber friends with us! What a bonus! So we’ll see what a community can pull together with less than 24 hours from phone call to setup and less than 48 hours  until showtime.

I’m crunched for time because there are a few small errands to be attended to this morning, but I want to share a list of vendors whose items you will find in our booth this weekend. We are so new we won’t be on the directory, but we hope you’ll find us while you’re at the fairgrounds. We were told we will be in Barn 5, Booth 12. If that’s not 100% accurate, we’ll probably be close to that spot.

Cephalopod Yarns

Peaceful Acres Farm

Three Ravens Fiber Studio


Fig Leaf Designs

Stitch Markers by Amy

Yarn Rescue

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! I’ll be slightly embarrassed if I did, but I’m also working on a little less sleep and without a list. 

June 28, 2013. The Day Wae and I bought Cloverhill Yarn Shop

June 28, 2013. The Day Wae and I bought Cloverhill Yarn Shop

I keep hearing the phrase, “When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” With the upcoming Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival I find myself intermittently knocking at the closed door (and jiggling the handle) as well as heading over to check out the view at the many windows that are opening for Wae and I. I think I’m finally at a point where I acknowledge, for us this year, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival “door” is closed. It’s time to look toward the light, locate the open windows and rejoice in the clean air and opportunity afforded by this new “view”.

As MDSW approaches this year and customers are brewing with excitement, I hear the question every day, “are you getting ready for Sheep and Wool this year?”

It really touches a sore spot. I know you don’t know it does, so that’s ok. 

We didn’t get in. We really thought we would, but we didn’t.

We’ve known for awhile but we haven’t spread the news outside of our local circle. 

I’ve been upset: We bought this business last year. That’s sort of a big expense. Part of that final amount included the idea that the Sheep and Wool booth (and income) would transfer along with the rest of the tangible items. I shouldn’t have been so naive. I made the assumption that the booth would transfer to us the way it had over the past 4 owners. The prior owner never had to reapply as a new vendor. We had it in the bag right? Shame on me. It wasn’t going to be so easy or straightforward. I didn’t do my research and I am responsible for my own disappointment. I took for granted that Cloverhill’s reputation for offering awesome indie dyed yarns was enough to secure our spot in the festival. I took for granted that Cloverhill’s long-held double booth at the festival was amazing enough to impress the group that would decide our involvement in the festival. Shame on me. After we bought the business and looked forward to applying for Sheep and Wool 2014 it came to my attention that the previous owner would be applying as well and we would both have to apply as new vendors. How about them apples?

I’ve been sad: After getting the news that Cloverhill would not be attending Sheep and Wool this year, we had a few people to notify. It’s easy to think that by rejecting Cloverhill Yarn Shop only two people are affected. Not true. Last year Cloverhill brought more than 10 indie dyers’ products to the show all under one umbrella. Just about half of the vendors at the Cloverhill Booth have businesses within 50 miles of the shop. Most within 100 miles. One vendor (not counting us) is practically in our back yard! There’s this feeling that we’re letting people down. We don’t like that.

I’ve been annoyed: There’s SO MUCH GOSSIP in this close-knit community. Pun intended. There is so much speculation as to the “real” reasons Cloverhill can’t be at the show. Who knows what’s true and what’s not? Definitely not me. I can’t help but to listen, but not knowing what’s true or not is seriously frustrating.

I AM hopeful: We can reapply, reapply reapply.

I AM happy: In an effort to replace the lost income from MDSW, we’ve found some great events to attend year-round. Did you see us at the Alpaca Festival in November? Wae and I had a great time meeting new customers and talking about dyeing and showing off all the pretty yarns. Karida was awesome enough to let us showcase her Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn at our booth last year. We also brought Alpaca yarns from Sugar Magnolia Farm and Roving and Batts made by Liz of Hobbledehoy Fiber.

Amanda and Wae in Dipped Infinity Scarves. Yarn by Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Amanda and Wae in Dipped Infinity Scarves. Yarn by Neighborhood Fiber Co.

If you missed us at The Alpaca Festival last year, please be stayed tuned for the fall (and comfortably smaller) fiber fair held at Howard County Fairgrounds.

Trunk Show with Liz.

Trunk Show with Liz.

Homespun Yarn Party – As a dyer for Tempting Ewe Yarns let me tell you how happy it made me to have a booth dedicated solely to our hand-dyed yarn and rovings!

You never know who you'll see at Homespun Yarn Party

You never know who you’ll see at Homespun Yarn Party

Homespun Yarn Party is a great place to see many local dyers and fiber artists right in your back yard! I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to attend and for Cloverhill to participate as a sponsor of the event. 

I AM thankful: I saved this one for the end for a reason. It’s the most important!

Diane of Peaceful Acres Farm and EWE!

Diane of Peaceful Acres Farm and EWE!

You ladies and gents are AMAZING! A moment of truth here before I tell you why you are so amazing. They all said this fiber community is catty. They said the women are mean. I’d really like to know who “they” are because in MY fiber family, there is so much giving and supportiveness and sharing going on I don’t think there’s room for “catty and mean.” 

Paula Models a gorgeous sweater knit by Jen using her own Handspun yarn.

Paula Models a gorgeous sweater knit by Jen using her own Handspun yarn.

From day one, I have seen complete strangers (who I now know better) offer up the whole of their Saturday to move the shop next door. Ladies stopped in that first weekend when we were setting up shop, to help count and sort inventory. That is neither mean, nor catty. That’s just plain awesome!

Almost finished with her Harvest Sweater.

Almost finished with her Harvest Sweater.

I’d like to say thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents who make my job so enjoyable it pretty much brings me to tears from happiness of a regular basis. 

We Love Sparkle Yarn

We Love Sparkle Yarn

You made the move easier

Karen Models a Scarf Knit with yarn handspun by one of our local artists

Karen Models a Scarf Knit with yarn handspun by one of our local artists

You make my Thursdays funnier

Fun! What more can I say?

Fun! What more can I say?

You make my spinning Fridays more relaxing (when I let myself)

Kristine and Kate take a second for a photo during a regular sit and spin Friday.

Kristine and Kate take a second for a photo during a regular sit and spin Friday.

You make my Sunday more like a family get-together. Many of you remind me of my sisters, my mother, my aunt and my grandma. I love it!

Scarf knit by Diane, in the background using On Line Tasco yarn.

Scarf knit by Diane, in the background using On Line Tasco yarn.

You bring cookies and cakes and treats and pickles and cheese and lotion and even stickers for Charlotte.

Hitchhiker KAL

Rhi and her Hitchhiker

You donated almost 200 pounds of food this winter to the Maryland food bank. You continue to donate yarn for schools, churches, women’s groups and others in need. This community is full of givers! It’s truly amazing to find as many fantastic people under one roof and quite often several at one time!

Thank you for making my day, daily.

Happy Creating,


It’s a Bowl Sale of another sort. A  Super YARN Bowl Sale!

Stop by the store and pick your discount from our Yarn Bowl.

Slips are marked from 15%-40%

discount applies to all except Addi Needles, consignment items and class fees.

yarn bowl sale 2014

Diagonal Ribbed Cowlcowl

by Cloverhill Yarn Shop

A fast knit for yourself or as a gift. Simple yet impressive! With two sizes small and large. Our pattern is a 4×4 Diagonal Rib Stitch, inspired by a pattern found in Barbara G. Walker’s “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns”

Any worsted weight yarn. 218 – 436 yds.
US 9, 24 (32)inch circular needles.
The top picture is using Amanda’s handspun yarn, the lower picture is using Malabrigo Twist.

This pattern uses multiples of 8 + or – 1 stitch. You can alter the pattern to suit your needs or creative tendencies. If you’d like a 2×2 rib, you’d multiply 2 by the number of repeats you’d like, for our pattern we’ve used (16 repeats of 8 )-1. The long size is simply doubled. Try a 3×3 rib or a 5×5. The possibilities are endless.


Cast on 127 (255) and join in the round.
Row 1: Knit all sts.
Row 2: Purl all sts.
Row 3: Knit all sts.

Begin working in pattern as follows:
K4, P4 for 7 inches or to your desired width.

Repeat rows 1-3.
Bind off loosely and enjoy!

PDF : Diagonalribbedcowl

This KAL will have prizes! WHAT?!?! I know right? So how will this awesomeness work out? We will have 3 milestones during our KAL in which we will pick a randomly generated winner. Amanda and I will also throw in a giveaway of our own, but we’ll let you know which week that will be during the KAL.SC-harvest-05_small2

With 8 new free patterns (including 2 sweaters!) and clear tutorials, the collection is perfect for newer knitters building skills and confidence; and also a treat for knitters who enjoy modern lines an

d simple details. Whether you are knitting your first 

scarf, cozy socks for your dad, or a sweater for your little man, the Simple Collection will teach you all you need to know to make modern seamless knits for the whole family!


1. Please leave a post on our ravelry group’s forum with your name so we have a name with your ravelry ID to associate with it. We need your Ravelry names so the prizes can be gifted to your account.


2. As the KAL progresses we ask you to check in on the assigned check in dates. If you can’t make it to the store on the assigned KAL meeting dates it’s ok as long as you check in with the forum! If you want to be entered for the milestone giveaways you need to be actively participating, so a picture of your progress is enough!

3. Please post pictures or questions in the Harvest -KAL- thread.


To all our wonderful friends who stopped by and said hi at the festival, Amanda and I feel truly blessed with all the love and support. So truly and deeply, thank you all. The MD Alpaca Festival was great and we will certainly continue to vend for years to come.

Many people saw me supported spindling during the festival. I wanted to share the name of the artisan who makes my prefered spindles. His name is John and his shop is Straddle Creek Spins on Etsy.  I recommend the removable whorls spindles they are fantastic!

This is what John has to say about himself on Etsy:

Hello! I’ve been woodworking for over twenty-five years now and find nothing more fulfilling than taking a hunk of wood and making a thing of beauty out of it. I began dabbling in making spinning tools for my wife many years ago when she became interested in hand spinning. I have since made my wife a spinning wheel, a drum carder (my favorite project so far), many varied spindles of one type or other, skein winders, and the list goes on and on. What started out as fun little side projects quickly became an obsession on my part, to the point where all I wanted to do with wood was make spinning tools.

I enjoy the entire process of making spinning tools. From selecting the wood, to designing and turning as well as the final rubbing of beeswax. Each of my offerings is tested by my wife or one of my daughters who are all accomplished spinners. Your spinning tool will not be shipped to you unless everyone here is in absolute love with it! (-:


2013-11-16 14.34.26


I might just have to order another spindle!

We’ve got a lot planned for the shop so lets get started!

Amanda and Wae are excited to announce that we will be vendors at the MD Alpaca and Fleece Festival!

Spend time with us at the Maryland Alpacas and Fleece Festival where Neighborhood Fiber Co.

will make a special appearance as our featured local dyer. Stop in to say, “hello” and pick up some of Karida’s amazing yarns and kits! We are also bringing with us a new batch of freshly dyed Tempting Ewe Yarns, Sugar Magnolia Farms Alpaca Yarn,
Hobbledehoy batts and Rovings, and a some gorgeous Hipstings products.

 We’re happy to say Maryland finally has its own Fall fiber festival and this year the Alpaca Festival opens its doors to more than only Alpaca Fiber.

Look for us in the Bingo Hall!

Date: November 16 & 17, 2013

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Location: Howard County Fairgrounds
2210 Fairground Road 
West Friendship, Maryland 21794

Come join us for a fun-filled festival!

Dozens of Maryland breeders will be exhibiting their beautiful alpacas. Get up close and personal with the animals while learning about the benefits of this eco-friendly livestock opportunity. But beware… alpacas are addictive!


  • SHOP early for unique holiday gifts!
  • WIDE variety of fiber products from Huacaya and Suri Alpaca
  • NEW! Select Alternative FiberProducers and their products
  • Now accepting 2013 VENDORAPPLICATIONS!
  • STOCK UP for winter fiber projects
  • Raw fleeces and fiber, roving, yarn
  • Alpaca pen sales
  • EXPANDED SCHEDULE of craftseminars, workshops & fiber demos

Please leave family pets at home, as they are not permitted on the Fairgrounds.

MABA Alpacas and Fleece Festival is brought to you by all the volunteers, members and Board of Directors for the Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association.

Black Friday Sale + Cephalopod Yarns Trunk Show

If that’s not enough we wanted to let you know that we will be having a Black Friday Sale in conjunction with a Cephalopod Yarns Trunk Show! We will be open our regular hours, 10-8 pm. We know the rest of the world starts shopping early, stop by with us and save when you’re done at the department stores!

Although the trunk show yarns won’t be on sale, we will have several yarns marked down throughout the store including brands such as Mirasol and Juniper Moon Farm to name a few! Come by to see all of our Black Friday Deals!


Always modest about her talent Amanda works tirelessly to create yarns dyed from Natural sources like acorn, iron, poke berries, goldenrod, and walnuts. She also uses eco-friendly dyes by Greener Shades for colors that aren’t quite from nature. She also makes striping yarns and has played with and achieved gradient yarns as well as some awesome one of a kind skeins like the blue and white shawl below!
Behold her awesomeness!


Terelle knit this beautiful sock from Amanda’s yarn


Amand’s playing with her knitting machine, gradient dyes, and dropped stitches

Karen’s Scalene Shawl blending Amanda’s indigo dyed yarn with some Paqa Pura yarn.


acorn dyes and a self striping sock yarn


544551_10151647403432747_421096312_n 1001869_10151533251907747_1375573352_n 563490_10151627016622747_587495157_n 1236075_10151647405197747_1359533028_n 74705_10151534807592747_742874052_n 1240632_10151634435562747_1557945761_n 1234569_10151638196237747_1238825228_n 164417_10151534642362747_57065278_n 1001188_10151534670122747_2038083863_n
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