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Hobbledehoy Trunk Show

Oh, Hobbledehoy.

The days are flying by like leaves caught in an autumn wind. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s already been almost 3 months since Wae and I signed the papers that made Cloverhill Yarn Shop ours! So much has changed in the shop and in our lives in those three months as we nurture the shop and watch it grow and thrive.

It’s Trunk Show Season!I just realized how very close it is to our first Trunk Show in the new shop. Liz from Hobbledehoy Yarn + Fiber is bringing some fiber goodies this Friday the 27th of September. I am excited to see what beautifully hand-dyed batts and battlings come through the door this Friday. I’ve been reading up on Liz’s blog and checking out her Etsy shop to give my eyes a taste of what might be coming and I just can’t wait! If you missed your chance to visit the Hobbledehoy booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year like I did, now is your chance to meet the owner and see what beauties she has to offer. Here are the details for the show:


Hobbledehoy Yarn + Fiber Trunk Show

Friday September 27th



If you can’t make the first night, the trunk show will carry on throughout the weekend. We also hope we can convince Liz to let us hold on to a few of her batts and battlings so that anyone who might be out of town this weekend will still have a chance to pick up some delicious hand-dyed fiber. Wish us Luck!


Hobbledehoy SunshineGreen GiantWhale Oh

Yarn tasting at Cloverhill. Did you miss it? Mark from Cascade Yarns brought in the whole Cascade line and set up buffet style. Several happy customers had the chance to “taste” the yarns on display. Each guest was asked to select a yarn or two or three and knit a bit to see how she liked it. Mark also brought several door prizes along. They were all kits with yarn and patterns. The largest kit had an afghan’s worth of yarn, a pattern and a large project bag! I was a little jealous that I couldn’t get in on the door prizes, but I know a guy who sells yarn and I have WAY too many projects on the needles right now. Wae and I got excellent feedback and because of our customer input will probably be bringing yet another new line of Cascade Yarn into the shop! Next time we have a yarn tasting we’ll be sending out advance registration emails so keep an eye out if this sounds like something you’d like to experience in the future!




Yarn. Buffet Style

Yarn. Buffet Style


Crochet scarf

Hi everyone,

Saturday was interesting in that we had someone come in and hand me a brown paper bag. She was from somewhere that worked with Nuns and one of them had passed away. She said that they didn’t want to throw the contents away but she didn’t know what else to do with it so she brought it to us.

I open the bag and inside is this delicately knit lace scarf, knit lengthwise, with 7 stitches remaining to be bound off. She left right away so I couldn’t tell her how close to the end this nun had been. Upon further inspection I’m sure the needles and yarn were bought at our store year ago when it was called the Weavers Place.… anyway I bound them off and they sat on the shop table for the weekend. I had a chance to show people her beautiful work and tell them the story.

I’m going to block it, and put it up somewhere nice in the store. I imagine this nun knitting in an meditative/prayer like fashion, the lace repeats are simple but long due to the length of this narrow scarf. It’s pre blocked length is 110 inches long and 5 inches wide.  I’ve got her handwritten notes, the pattern isn’t spelled out, like a puzzle you’ll have to decide how to knit what she’s written down. If anyone is interested I’ll have photocopies made and in the shop for anyone who wants one.

Cloverhill Yarn Blog

Welcome to the Cloverhill Yarn Shop Blog!

Cloverhill Yarn Shop is owned by Amanda Ko and Wae Wang.  This is their new website and they will be blogging regularly to keep you up to date with current events, classes and new yarns in store.  They are experts in all things “yarn” so stop by and ask them questions or even to just to say “hi”.  You can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome!