Cloverhill Market Day

tey10Do you want more yarn but need to de-stash before you can feel good about adding more? Are you just looking to add more to your stash at a discount? Maybe you’re looking for something that your LYS doesn’t carry? Cloverhill Yarn Shop has the answer that fits everyone! (We hope so anyways!)

Cloverhill Market Day!

Where: 81 Mellor (Formerly Doris’s Closet)

When:See Newsletter or Call the shop for date and time

Who: ALL Customers! Vendors reserve a space ahead of time.

yarnmarketdollarWhy? We think you’ll have loads of fun! turn your stash into Cloverhill Cash!

As a vendor: Send us an email (, call or facebook message! We have limited space but we’ll take as many sellers as we can. First come-first served. Bring a card table or we’ll provide table space for you. Bring your yarn marked for sale. Or maybe it’s all the same price per skein and you just have one sign saying as much. We’re hoping we can get more customers by offering them decent prices on your stashed yarn, but ultimately you set the prices! Let us bring the customers to you! Because of the nature of this market, your yarn sales benefit you as well as the store. We want as many people to visit you as possible! The more of your own stash you sell, the more you have to spend at Cloverhill Yarn Shop!

As a customer: Visit our Market day and find great deals on stashed yarn! Find yarns you (and the seller) haven’t seen in awhile. It’s a Yarn Sale with all the things you never knew you wanted! Find a Treasure on the tables at Cloverhill Market Day! Please bring Cash!! Only Cloverhill Cash (AKA Scrip) will be used to purchase yarn. What is Cloverhill Cash? It’s our way of making shopping in the market easier both the buyer and seller. A customer exchanges cash (real money AKA US Dollars) for Cloverhill Cash (kind of like Monopoly money). They will then use that “money” to go shopping in the market. Didn’t spend all your Cloverhill Cash? We’ll change it right back into dollars. No questions asked. Market Day Vendor? You’ll take all that Cloverhill Cash and turn it in for a store Gift Certificate. You can choose to go shopping in the store on Market Day or you can wait until you see the perfect yarn for your project. Have you had your eye on a spinning wheel or loom? Save your Cloverhill Cash and order a wheel or loom! We are Schacht, Ashford, and Spin O Lution Dealers.


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