Intriguing I-Cord

Jun 22, 2017



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Intriguing I-cord: $55

Instructor:  Kellie Nuss

Saturday July 22, 9am -4pm

(Bring a lunch, snacks, and drinks to class with you.)

I-cord is the simplest kind of circular knitting and can be used for a cast-on, several different kinds of edgings, a bind-off and an embellishment. That’s pretty versatile for one simple technique! In this class, we will make a small pouch that is easily adapted to carry a cell phone, credit cards or other treasures. As a bonus, we will also get a taste of double knitting. The most magical part is that the entire thing is knitted on two needles and there is no seaming! Weave in your ends and it’s ready to use!

Appropriate for anyone who can knit and purl. 

Yarn:  Worsted weight yarn in 2 contrasting colors, 50 yards each color. Sample is made in Plymouth Galway.

Needles:  6 or 7.

Gauge:  Not critical for the project.

Pattern:  Provided by instructor in class.

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