Knitting with Wae

Aug 26, 2014



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* Note about Knitting With Classes: We offer private lessons here at Cloverhill yarn. Each private lesson runs $30 for 1 hour of time. Our Knitting With Series allows you to have 3, 2 hour lessons with one of our teachers for $75. This is a great value and it’s an amazing way to get the help you need and spend some time with a couple other people. When you sign up, please let us know what you’re going to want your lessons to focus on so our teachers can have an idea of what you’ll be working on together.

wae&amandaKnitting with Wae $75 – 2 hour class, 3 sessions

Do you have a particular pattern you’ve been interested in? If there’s something you’d like help with and you’d like to have a class setting, join Wae with a few other classmates and lets work on a project of your choice. We will have 3 sessions together and it’s your choice how you’d like to fill each session. Knitting only please.

Wednesday Evenings from 6-8 pm on 8/6, 8/20, 9/3

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