Let’s Knit Together

Aug 26, 2014



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$65   4 s, 2 hours each; or $20 for an individual meeting


This is a course we’ve designed to be a comprehensive beginning knitting experience. Each session will cover a specific technique needed to progress onto the next session. You can sign up for the full course or sign up to attend a particular session. You will come out of the full course with the skills to complete the project we’ll start during our third session applying what you’ve learned during your first and second sessions.

Class Agenda will be as follows:

Session 1: Getting Started: Introductory information about yarns and weights, how to read labels, casting on and knitting. We will be creating our first swatch in class, and you’ll continue to work on your swatch for homework to prepare you for your next class. We will provide yarn for this session, needles must be purchased separately.

Session 2. Next Steps: One Week Later – We will begin our session reviewing each student’s progress with their homework samples. We will correct mistakes as we encounter them and show you the basics to fixing your mistakes. We will also learn the purl stitch. As homework students will continue with their swatch and incorporate the purl stitch.  You will be using the materials from your Getting Started session.

Session 3. Your First Project:  One to Two weeks later – As in Session 1, we will review homework swatches and fix mistakes. Student’s will begin working on their first project, learn how to read a pattern, choose your yarn, cast on, knit, and purl stitches.  You will need to purchase yarn or bring yarn of your choice to complete the project. We will be using the same needles you’ve been using through your Getting Started and Next Steps classes. Homework will be to work on your project.

Session 4. Finishing Touches –  This will be the final session of the course. Again we will review each student’s homework and fix any mistakes and use the time to work on your project with supervision and help. Students will learn the bind off technique and bind off on their swatch from sessions 1 and 2.

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