Ten Stitch Twist

Aug 26, 2014



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Ten Stitch Twist Blanket by Frankie Brown : $30 – 2 hour class, 1 session

Ten Stitch Twist

This is an amazing blanket. Not only is it unique due to it’s shape, but it’s also a pleasure to knit! Made up of a series of short rows and slip stitch rows you get the simple and easy knit project you’ve been dreaming about. Never knit a blanket? Let this be your first one and you can impress people with your skills. They never have to know how easy this blanket really is. Knit this in a fingering weight yarn and turn it into a gorgeous shawl. The possibilities are endless!

Pick a session, this is a one session class…

Wednesday afternoons 7/30 from 1-3pm

Wednesday afternoons 8/27 from 1-3pm

Wednesday afternoons 9/24 from 1-3pm

Friday Evenings 8/22 from 6-8pm

Friday Evenings 9/19 from 6-8pm

Friday Evenings 10/17 from 6-8pm

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