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We offer classes for novice to advanced knitters and crocheters.  Classes listed below are taught regularly but may not be currently scheduled. Please contact the shop if you are interested in one of the classes below.

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Beginning Knitting or Crochet

$30.00 per hour by appointmentcary grant knitting
Learning something new can be frustrating. Let us teach you privately at your convenience. Day sessions and Evening sessions available on most days.

Email: temptingewe@cloverhillyarn.com or call the shop 410-788-7262 to set up a time that works best for you.

Brioche Taste Test: One Color Flat Brioche $45.00

Instructor: Stephanie.

Class Description:  This class is designed for those who want to dip their toes into brioche.  Get a taste of the fun world of brioche with this easy one color flat version.  Consider staying for the two-color brioche taste test later the same day and build on what you learned in the morning. Come to class with your Pre-Class Homework started and ready to go (click here for Homework and Full Class Description).

Need help with brioche boo-boos? Maybe you need a visit to Brioche Hospital.

You must come to class with your yarn already wound and ready to go.  We cannot wind everyone’s yarn in class or in the time before class starts.  If you need yarn wound before class, please consider dropping by the shop a few days in advance and we can have it wound for you to do your Pre-Class Homework.

Brioche Taste Test: Two-Color Flat Brioche

Instructor: Stephanie


Class Description: This class is designed for those who want to delve deeper into brioche.  If you’ve mastered one color brioche, this is the class for you.  I’ve you’ve taken our Brioche 101 class and want to try working with brioche flat instead of in the round this is also the class for you.   If you are super adventurous and want to get started with the best part of brioche this is the class for you!  In this class, you get an introduction to Two-Color Brioche that will include two-color garter stitch, brioche knit, brioche purl and brioche vocabulary.

Consider starting with the one-color brioche taste test earlier the same day and build on what you learned in the morning.  (click here for the Full Class Description and a Pre-Class Experiment for Adventurous Knitters).

You must come to class with your yarn already wound and ready to go.  We cannot wind everyone’s yarn in class or in the time before class starts.  If you need yarn wound before class, please consider dropping by the shop a few days in advance and we can have it wound for you.

Brioche 101 $100

Instructor: Stephanie Hill

Course Description: Brioche is a great stash-buster project for those odd skeins of yarns you have hanging around. You’ll be surprised when you combine otherwise unpairable yarns together in brioche. I haven’t seen a bad result yet and every time someone pairs some yarns I think might be odd together, I am happily surprised and a little jealous at the outcome. Pick yarns and colors you like, yarns and colors that are easy to see, and yarns or colors that are easily distinguished from one another. For your first Brioche, I recommend using the needle size recommended on the ball band of your heaviest weight yarn (or the size needle you would use to knit that yarn based on your personal gauge tendencies). Once you have an understanding of the stitch structure and how brioche is made you can adjust needle size to get the gauge and fabric desired.

Brioche Increases & Decreases

Stephanie will teach you the next steps in Brioche with this stunning cowl in a DK weight. Increases and Decreases will be the topics of this class.

Two-color brioche stitch is shaped into a dramatic pattern using basic brioche shaping. Our Class Cowl looks fabulous in contrasting pairings of hand dyed semi-solid or solid DK yarns.

Students must be confident in plain 2-color brioche. This class is  NOT for novices!

The Ella Jacket $155.00 


Instructor: Nora Bellows of Noni Designs

Course Description:

When I was a little girl and still inclined to play dress up in my mother’s cast off slips, I was particularly fond of a bright red crinoline that had once been stiff enough to make a full skirt swish and stand away from the body. The elastic waist had long ago lost its stretch, and the crinoline had lost its stiffness. It was soft and sheer and I loved the weight of it, its drape, the way it swirled and moved as I moved. When I wore that crinoline, I was a can can dancer, a flamenco dancer. The skirt transformed and transported me. Clothes can do this sometimes. I dreamed of covering that crinoline with a skirt dense with ruffles.

Inspired both by that early feeling I had when wearing that red crinoline and by the ruffled skirts and sleeves of the traditional Flamenco dresses, the Ella Goes to Spain coat is decorated with lots of little ruffles on the lower portion of both sleeves and skirt as well as cabochon rivets for a little sparkle hither and thither.The beautifully flattering A-line silhouette of the coat sets off most every woman’s figure to best advantage, regardless of height, width, and luxuriousness or spareness of her curves.Like the original Ella Coat that preceded it, Ella Goes to Spain is imminently customizable: the construction of the garment, more top-down than otherwise, allows you to try on and fit different aspects of the coat as you go, and then knit sleeves and skirt to the perfect length.

Noni Essentials Bag: Lipstick and Change 

Instructor: Nora Bellows of Noni Designs

Price: $75

Lipstick and Change is Nora of Noni Designs’ effort to recapture the beloved first change purse. Her update is colorful, playful, and has 3 size options (who doesn’t love options?) The tiniest size is perfect for when you can leave the house with just about nothing except a car key, lipstick, and a few crisp bills. The medium size is ideal for the after party where smartphones are just not cool. The celeb who spots your bag will probably ask you where you got it. The largest size is large enough for an iPhone and everything you really need. You really can’t make just one.

These little bags are just right for cosmetics in a larger bag, or for other things you must have with you. Just right for your knitting must-haves. This is what Nora carries in hers: “loads of stitch markers because I’m always losing them, my little square knitting gauge, my favorite carved wooden sewing and tapestry needles case full of needles of every size, nylon beading thread in the basic colors because you just never know when you will need it, my little retractable tape measure, small scissors, super glue. Yes, super glue.”

These bags are fast and fun to make, quick to finish, and just as fun to make again to gift. The first class is for picking yarn, the specific little bag you want to make, to order your hardware kit, and to learn about successful felting. You go home and knit and felt your bag(s – yes! make more than one!). The second class is devoted to finishing the bag(s) you have made. Come and join Nora for this fun, hands-on, student-centered workshop.

Crochet Basics – $45 


Let’s get you started crocheting your first project. This class will teach you the basics that will get you started on your first washcloths, scarf, simple flat fabric. Techniques will include the foundation chain, picking up and working the foundation row, single crochet stitch, turning your work, and working double crochet.

Granny Square Basics -$45  

Learn how to start a square using a magic circle and build up your technique for crocheting a granny square. You can make a single square as large as you want or play with colors and make mosaic-like patterns from smaller squares.


Needle Felted Sheep $75.00

 (price includes supplies)

Let’s learn to needle felt this adorable sheep! In this class, we will cover beginner techniques for needle felting and we will teach you how to use wool roving, locks of wool and a barbed needle to create your own felted sheep. Slots will fill up quickly so call, email, or stop by the shop to sign up today!

Brioche Hospital – Dr.’s Office Hours & Surgery Crash Course

Instructor: Stephanie


private lesson

Class Description:  Learn when and how you can fix brioche mistakes without ripping.  Learn when ripping really is the best solution.  Learn how to rip whole or partial rows with confidence.  Learn how to correct boo-boos a few rows down.  Students are expected to have in progress brioche projects and/or come to class with brioche swatches on the needle.   This class can help fix mistakes in existing projects but will also help reinforce your understanding of the structure.  (click here for Homework and Full Class Description).

Knitting Classes

Intermediate Level Classes – build skills and branch out.

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