A Taste of Lace

An introduction to lace knitting.

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A Taste of Lace      $48

Instructor: Rissa

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 2:30pm-5:30pm

Join Rissa for an introduction to lace.  Students will be introduced to the structure of lace, how lace patterns are created, and wealth of other knowledge for the knitter who wants to take their first taste of lace knitting.

Skill Prerequisites:  Knitters must know how to cast on and knit stockinette independently.  Knowledge of decreases and increases is helpful but not required.


  • Swatching materials to use in class:  Some scrap worsted weight yarn (about 20-25g) and appropriate size needles for swatching in class.  Preferable yarn will be non-dark, non-fuzzy yarn with easy to see stitch definition.
  • Class project materials:  Lace weight yarn (about 100g or 600-800 yards) and US 5 needles (or other appropriate size needle) for class project.  Fingering weight or light-fingering weight yarns may be substituted (about 150g or 600-800 yards) may be substituted for lace weight yarn. COME TO CLASS WITH YOUR PROJECT ALREADY CAST ON.  Preferably yarn will be non-dark, non-fuzzy, and NOT highly variegated.

Pre-Class Homework:  Using your class project yarn, cast on 74 stitches using US 5 needles (or other appropriate needle size for working lace in your selected class project yarn).

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