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Brioche 101

Brioche 101 $100

Project: Two-Color Brioche Cowl

Techniques Learned: Two Color Brioche, Brioche knit, Brioche Purl, Crochet Cast-on, identifying and fixing mistakes.

Skills Required: Intermediate/Advanced – Knit, Purl, Yarn over and a sense of adventure. The ability to read your knitting is extremely helpful.

Materials Needed: This project can be made from any two yarns. Yarns should be smooth and have good stitch definition to aid in learning to see and understand brioche. Yarns should be non-fuzzy, have reasonably consistent thickness. Avoid dark colors. Light colors are highly recommended.

Yarn A: Either worsted, chunky, or bulky weight.

Yarn B: Similar to Yarn A but a different color. It can be a little thinner than Yarn A.

Needles:  16″ circular or 24″ circular Choose based on the heaviest weight yarn you are using. In class we will use the same size you would knit with that yarn.  The exact yarn size is not critical for class.  If you have several needle sizes you can use up to 2 or 3 needle sizes smaller to exaggerate the rib-like structure or brioche.

Brioche is a great stash-buster project for those odd skeins of yarns you have hanging around. You’ll be surprised when you combine otherwise unpairable yarns together in brioche. I haven’t seen a bad result yet and every time someone pairs some yarns I think might be odd together, I am happily surprised and a little jealous at the outcome. Pick yarns and colors you like, yarns and colors that are easy to see, and yarns or colors that are easily distinguished from one another. For your first Brioche I recommend using the needle size recommended on the ball band of your heaviest weight yarn (or the size needle you would use to knit that yarn based on your personal gauge tendencies). Once you have an understanding of the stitch structure and how brioche is made you can adjust needle size to get the gauge and fabric desired.

Yarn choices and needle sizes will be reviewed on the first day of class.

Bring several yarn choices and a selection of different needle sizes. Circular needles 24”in length. Please have your stash yarn choices already wound into cakes or balls. If you need winding, please drop your yarn choices off at the shop at least 24 hours before the first day of class and we will have them wound and ready for you. If nothing in your stash speaks to you, 2 colors of Malabrigo Rios (50 g to 100 g each color)and US 8 or US 9 circular needles about 24”in length make an excellent brioche stitch cowl.