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Noni Essentials Bag: Lipstick and Change 

Instructor: Nora Bellows of Noni Designs

Price: $75

Lipstick and Change is Nora of Noni’s effort to recapture the beloved first change purse. Her update is colorful, playful, and has 3 size options (who doesn’t love options?). The tiniest size is perfect for when you can leave the house with just about nothing except a car key, lipstick, and a few crisp bills. The medium size is ideal for the after party where smartphones are just not cool. The celeb who spots your bag will probably ask you where you got it. The largest size is large enough for an Iphone and everything you really need. You really can’t make just one.

These little bags are just right for cosmetics in a larger bag, or for other things you must have with you . Just right for your knitting must-haves. This is what Nora carries in hers: “loads of stitch markers because I’m always losing them, my little square knitting gauge, my favorite carved wooden sewing and tapestry needles case full of needles of every size, nylon beading thread in the basic colors because you just never know when you will need it, my little retractable tape measure, small scissors, super glue. Yes, super glue.”

These bags are fast and fun to make, quick to finish, and just as fun to make again to gift. The first class is for picking yarn, the specific little bag you want to make, to order your hardware kit, and to learn about successful felting. You go home and knit and felt your bag(s – yes! make more than one!). The second class is devoted to finishing the bag(s) you have made. Come and join Nora for this fun, hands-on, student-centered workshop.

First Class Meeting:


  • Project introduction
  • Discuss curriculum and plan
  • Discuss felting-on-your-own
  • Order yarn and hardware

Materials to bring to the second class:

  • Finished and felted Lipstick and Change BAGSSSSS Make as many as you want!
  • Lipstick and Change hardware kitssss (ordered during first class)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry and sewing needles (for adding seed beads)
  • Sewing pins
  • Super glue – I prefer Lock Tite Extra Time Control
  • Fabric glue, clear drying
  • Size 8 seed beads and nylon beading thread (discuss in first class possibility of purchasing these items from Nora. Limited colors available)
  • Various preferred embellishments
  • Lining materials, if desired. There may or may not be time for you to make a lining, depending on the bag project you have chosen.