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Making, Felting, & Finishing Your Noni bag with Nora J. Bellows

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Pick a Noni, Any Noni: $75

Making, Felting, & Finishing Your Nonibag with Nora J. Bellows

Instructor: Nora J. Bellows of Noni Designs

September 9, 1:00pm-2:00pm

September 30, 11:00pm-4:00pm

Course Objectives:

  1. to be able to make a felted bag from start to finish, including professional finishing for a refined finished product
  2. to increase confidence and creativity through the use of professional finishing techniques
  • review a range of techniques for (felting &) blocking a knitted and felted bag
  • learn and use fundamental finishing techniques for professional results
  • apply embellishments and attach bag hardware, including frames, zippers, bag feet, closures, and other essential hardware for a great- looking finished product

September 9th Class Meeting: Making & Felting Your Noni bag 

Participants meet at the shop and choose their Noni pattern, materials, pre-order their bag hardware, and get detailed instructions about felting their bags in various ways.

September 30th Class Meeting: Finishing Your Noni bag (3 hours)

Participants should be finished knitting and should have felted their bag. 

Please bring a felted, damp not wet bag to class. Keep your damp bag in a plastic bag in the freezer until class time. Dampness is essential. Damp bags are easier to put in purse frames and/or to finish over-all. 

Materials to Bring to the finishing workshop:

Scissors for cutting thread and also scissors for cutting plastic and other tough materials

Sewing needles

Sewing thread

Nylon beading thread

Sewing pins

Tape Measure

Awl or size 6 stainless-steel double-pointed needle(s)

Heavy duty paper hope punch

Knitting needles of various sizes (circulars and double-points are best)

Beads (Optional: bring if you are interested in beading)

Beading wire, 26 gauge wire (Optional: bring if you are interested in learning how to wire flower petals or if you want 3-dimensional elements as part of your embellished bag)

Fabric and/or Gorilla super glue or Extra Time Control Locktite Superglue

Class Meeting Plan:


Getting Before Pictures

Blocking:  tricks for getting the shape you want & using the finishing process to block

Structuring:  using stiffener to give your bag structure and a refined shape, short tutorial

Structuring:  putting stiffener in your bag, hands-on work

Handles & Frames:  choosing and attaching

Zippers (if relevant)

Magnetic & Other Closures

Attaching Bag Feet

Attaching Turnlocks and Other Fine Hardware

Lining the bottom of your bag for a fabulous finish.

For a full lining, take a look at the Knitting Info section of my website for step-by-step instructions for lining rectangular and triangular bags

After pictures

Pick a Noni, Any Noni (from list of largely unstructured bags with a low to medium amount of finishing) Designs available for class TBD