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Portugese Knitting

Most people have heard of the common methods of knitting known as English and Continental, but there are other ways to knit and one of those is often called Portuguese knitting. It’s also sometimes called Incan or Andean knitting since this is the style that’s commonly used in South America, but you might also hear it referred to as Turkish knitting, or simply “around the neck knitting.”Portuguese knitting is a good choice for people with carpal tunnel, arthritis, and joint pain because there is little movement needed to form the stitches. In fact, purling is easier than knitting, and you’ll often see South American knitters who use this method working from the wrong side of the fabric because purling is easier for them, even when doing complex colorwork.

It’s also easier to work colorwork with this method because you can strand each color through a different knitting pin if you

like, which keeps them from getting so tangled as they do when you tension them on your fingers. It’s easy to keep a nice tension on the work, even for beginners, and it’s a great way for blind or visually impaired people to knit because the working yarn stays put and you can always find it easily.