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Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving: My First Scarf

My First Scarf$180

Instructor: Stephanie

Class Project: My First Scarf

Materials Required:  NONE.  Two skeins of Malabrigo Rios included in class cost.  Colorways can be identical, coordinating, or contrasting. At least one skein to be used for Warp should be selected before class so that it can be wound and ready to be used in the first class.

Equipment Required:  NONE.  Use of 10” Cricket and associated tools included in the class cost.  Students with their own rigid heddle looms must coordinate with the instructor regarding the possible use of their own loom for class.  Space is limited and the instructor must plan in advance to determine of alternate looms can be accommodated.

Security Deposit:  $60, payable by credit card on the first day of class and refunded upon return of all loaned equipment in good working order.

Meals:  Bring a packed lunch or snacks to class each day (No Refrigerator or Microwave).  We highly encourage students to eat a good breakfast before class and eat lunch or snacks in class (even if you normally skip breakfast or lunch!).  You will be active throughout the day doing a lot of standing, bending, reaching, and thinking. Your Body and Brain will need sustenance. We often find that those struggling in class are the ones who skipped meals.

Day 1, 6 hrs – Bring a lunch.

  • Direct Warp Crickets for Malabrigo scarf.
  • Beam warp
  • Thread eyes
  • Tie on
  • Weave header and adjust tension
  • Begin weaving balanced plain weave
  • Hem stitch beginning of scarf if time permits

Homework – continue weaving some of your scarf.  You will have some time to work in class tomorrow, but must return the loom at the end of class.

Day 2 and 3, 3.5 hrs – Bring a snack or light lunch.

    • Continue weaving as needed
    • Work on techniques for achieving balanced plain weave
    • Work on refining selvedges
    • Learn how to fix broken warp threads
    • Review project planning – yardage estimates and yarn selection.
    • Discuss different looms
    • Weave until:  you reach the end of your warp, you reach the length of scarf you want, you run out of weft, or until 1.5-2hrs of class time remain.
    • Hemstitch end of scarf.
    • Remove scarf from loom.
  • Turn in all loaned equipment.
  • Hemstitch beginning of scarf if needed.
  • Review fringe treatments
  • Weaving in ends
  • Fixing weaving errors.