Welcome to Cloverhill Yarn Shop!

 Our open table policy encourages you to sit and knit (or crochet or spin or weave) with no pressure to buy.

The shop is our comfort zone and we hope after your visit you feel the same way!


Shop Hours 

Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm

Social Gatherings:
Thursday Night Social Club 6pm – 8pm Every Week

Sunday Gathering
1pm-5pm Every Week

Spinning Gatherings
2nd and Last Fridays 6pm – 9pm Every Month

Spinning Tuesdays
2nd Tuesdays Every Month 10am – 2pm

We aren’t just another local yarn shop, we want to be YOUR Local Yarn Shop!

GATHERINGS – Although the shop has scheduled weekly and bi-weekly get-togethers,  customers are always encouraged to drop in and knit, crochet or spin their worries away. We want the shop to be a place our customers will enjoy as much as we do. If your group is looking for a place to sit and knit during the day, give us a call! We might just be the new home your group is looking for.

Thursday night “Sit and Knit” is from 6pm – 8pm, every Thursday.  This group is happy and cheerful and will welcome you into the fold!  With a wide variety of ages and interests,  this group has something for everyone. Bring your wheel if you want, we have plenty of spinners in this group!

Sunday “Sit and Knit” is officially from 2pm – 5pm every Sunday, but some people meet us at the shop as early as noon. With lots of knowledgeable people together in one room there’s always someone who knows the answer to any knitting question. We also have several spinners who come with wheels or supported spindles and it’s always fun to watch!

Friday Night Spinning –  second and last Friday of every Month. This night is for you my dear spinner. We move the tables and order pizza and we spin our hearts out. Not a spinner? Don’t worry if you come by someone will try and convert you. We have several wheels in the shop that are available to try. If you’d like to knit while the others spin that’s cool, come on over we’ve got room for you too!

Second Tuesday Spinning –  second Tuesday of every Month, 10am-2pm. Bring lunch and your wheel or spindle. Not in the mood to spin? Feel free to sit and knit or crochet as well.

YARN – Although yarn is the most prominent offering in the shop, spinning and weaving supplies are also available. Extended hours and a knowledgeable staff make it easier for customers to find the items they are looking for.

HELPING – Although private lessons can be scheduled when one-on-one help is necessary, many problems can be fixed in just a few minutes at no charge to the customer. Early week is the best time to catch us in a quiet moment but we will always try our best to get a knitter moving forward on a project.

CLASSES –  We want to share our knowledge with EVERYONE!! Our staff is excited to share their skills and encourage new knitters to expand their knitting repertoire. Each class is designed for a student to learn a new technique while working on a project suited to their level of experience.   Take a look at our class pages and see what we have to offer.

TRUNK SHOWS – We’re planning several events with local dyers as well as some commercial yarn retailers. Check our Calendar to see who’s coming soon to Cloverhill Yarn Shop!

One of our first Sunday Sit and Knit in the new shop

One of our first Sunday Sit and Knit in the new shop


liz spinning on the mach 3

If our door is open, you are welcome.

Again, always and forever, if you ever need help with anything you’re working on, stop by and we’ll help you figure things out.