“I talked to a friend of mine, dh, who is new to knitting. She told me about her visit to the” new” Cloverhill Yarn Shop.  She raved about how friendly the owners were and the very convenient store hours. Pat your selves on the back ladies. You are doing a wonderful job….”

“Thank you for the new hours! I really appreciate that you’re open later. Now I could make it to the shop after work EVERY day — if my checkbook could handle it. LOL”

I just wanted to pop in and say what a fantastic job colorwae and mommako did with the new space! Last night’s spin group had a great energy and it was fun to see a great mix of old and new faces (and wheels!)I think we’ve brought some knitters over to the darkside pinky to mouth…It was also so cool to meet FaireAttention of Gourmet Stash and see her awesome punis!

Thanks gang for an awesome fibery night out!