Can’t Wait for the Crocus to Bloom

Jan 16, 2015



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I walked outside in my robe and slippers just to check. They really aren’t here yet.

This has been some sort of Fall and Winter. We’ve left you, our wonderful readers, alone but hopefully not lonely out there. Sometimes the day to day errands, running the shop, dyeing yarn, and festivals leaves us with little will-power to sit down at the end of the day and write a blog. It’s like that sometimes though. Winter is a time of hibernation and focusing on the very important parts of our lives. For many of us, that leaves the computer and the internet as a second or third-best companion. So here I am in the cold of winter, writing the first blog in a few months. Hoping these words will chip away at the block that’s kept Wae and I from keeping up with our internet family.

Please take a minute to check out a few new photos on the Gallery page. I’ve spent the morning uploading and sorting a few new photos. You might recognize someone you know. You might even see YOURSELF! Surprise! There is so much more to come regarding the gallery page. I’ve started categorizing class photos and finished items. If you’ve taken a class with us and would like your finished piece of art posted in the gallery please send your picture to If you’ve finished a project with some yarn from the shop, either stop in and let us photograph it for you or send us a photo. Remember to include the pattern name! We’d like to include a link at the bottom of your photo to the original pattern page.

Wae and are gearing up for the spring festival season already! If you haven’t had a chance to see the new Ewe So Chubby yarn introduced in the fall, stop in and check out what’s left of the Super Bulky Superwash Super Squishy Merino yarn. We had a customer comment that the yarn is AMAZING! Her one complaint was that at 82 yards per skein, the fun is over too fast! We’ve checked into getting more of the Ewe So Chubby base this winter and it is currently out of stock from our supplier. Don’t worry, we’ll have more dyed as soon as it is available to us. In the meantime, we are planning a new yarn base that we plan to have in stock by mid-February. We are also ordering another shipment of Ewe So Wooly Worsted to round out the colors we already have on the shelves.

We have so much more to say! We OWE YOU blogs. We OWE YOU information. Coming soon? Weaving Classes, Super YARN Bowl Sale, (more) Knitting for Charities, and a new Knit a Long.

Are you excited yet? We are! Stay tuned for updates as we get ready for Spring.


Here’s a couple of blogs to keep you glued to the computer while we write another one of these..

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