Do You Have Weekend Plans?

Hello out there Family,

  I’ve been thinking about you a lot again over the past couple of days. I do a lot of deep thinking first thing in the morning when Charlotte is quiet (still asleep) and yesterday one thought kept running through my mind. I am not alone in this. We are not alone in this. It’s not like I don’t already know this, but it has become very apparent lately. There’s a song Akela sand a week ago at church that is true whether you consider it in a religious or secular application. I’ll post it if I can so you can see how nice it is. It’s the kind of stuff that makes a Mother cry when she hears it and truly understands and internalizes the words.

  This community is amazing. You are so much like family to me and I want you to know I appreciate you. You make me cry and that’s ok. I am often so full of happiness and appreciation that it falls right out of my face. I really can’t help it.

  Something has changed a little since the last blog post. It’s wild. Yesterday morning after all of that positive thinking, we got an invitation to vend at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Just after we had let it all go and stopped knocking at the door, someone turned around and opened it for us! Can you imagine the wild thoughts that followed that conversation? Do you know I actually said, “can I have an hour to think about it,” and actually hung up to make some calls before calling back? Of course we want to come play! 

 Here’s a fun bit of coincidence: Wednesday night Wae and I both brought home a bit of yarn to dye. We didn’t order a ton since we figured we were restocking the shop, but an extra 50 skeins on top of what we had makes a surprise invitation even better. Know what else? I’ve been calling our local fiber artists that we already carry at the shop to ask them for a re-stock for the weekend. Because who knows who might come by, right? These guys don’t have booths at the festival either, but I wanted anyone who was stopping by that’s never been to the shop to see our locals in full glory.  Now we can bring our fiber friends with us! What a bonus! So we’ll see what a community can pull together with less than 24 hours from phone call to setup and less than 48 hours  until showtime.

I’m crunched for time because there are a few small errands to be attended to this morning, but I want to share a list of vendors whose items you will find in our booth this weekend. We are so new we won’t be on the directory, but we hope you’ll find us while you’re at the fairgrounds. We were told we will be in Barn 5, Booth 12. If that’s not 100% accurate, we’ll probably be close to that spot.

Cephalopod Yarns

Peaceful Acres Farm

Three Ravens Fiber Studio


Fig Leaf Designs

Stitch Markers by Amy

Yarn Rescue

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! I’ll be slightly embarrassed if I did, but I’m also working on a little less sleep and without a list. 

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